Sunday, 7 June 2009

Charity, diplomats & feathers

I frequently think that my life is boring, very mundane, but recently it's been crazy. The pic to the right was taken at the Italian National Day celebrations held in the ambassador's residence, here in Muscat. In the pic is the ambassador himself, Cesare Capitani, my Italian friends and I. It was a formal affair from the welcoming line up to the singing of both the Omani and Italian national anthems, but executed in true Italian style. Hence the photo with the ambassador.

The evening before I went to a charity catwalk event, in aid of children with cancer. For me a non-shopper and a very casual dresser it was actually fun, AND I bought two new tops (with part of the price also going to the charity).

The night after the abassador's reception I went to Muscat Comedy Club's show 1001 laughs - a comedy show featuring 3 Arab-American comedians. My favorite was Dean Obeidallah, who participates in the "Axis of Evil" show on tv.

To finish off the week, on Thursday a group of us went to the restaurant at the Marina for the first of Maura's leaving meals. We took lots of silly pics, had a lovely meal, lots of wine and laughs. All before heading onto Left Bank for more drinks. We shared a table with a group of Omani male lawyers who were sitting there in their dishdashas and with pints of beer in front of them. Phew what a week!

Oh the feathers, how do they fit in??? Well, the other week I went to the Australia New Zealand Organisation's charity ball, which had the theme of Priscilla Queen of the desert, and saw the majority of people in fancy dress. My friend & I wore glitzy dresses - mine in leopard skin and hers of gold - feather boas and hiking boots. Very glam!!!! Actually it was a relief not to have to totter around in heals all night, especially when dancing.

A boring life??? Maybe I need to have a rethink?