Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Horse & boy, originally uploaded by travelingsuep.

After work today, instead of being dropped back at the hotel, I got dropped downtown about a block from the Nile. I wanted to visit the Ethnographic Museum, which I'd failed to do at the beginning of the month. The museum was very interesting. It helped as it is very well laid out and has signs in English. Afterwards, I walked about 7 blocks in the very hot afternoon (around 42 °C) trying to find a bus. 

I've said before that the Sudanese people are lovely, here's an example: I was at a huge junction, and could not get across the street. An old man walking past, changed the direction he was going, guided me across between the traffic, then crossed back and continued on his way. 

Moments later I was hailed by one of the minibuses. It's quite strange to see the minibuses slow near people stood on the pavements and a boy/young man stands at an open door shouting out the bus's direction. I asked for my area and street, the young man didn't know where I wanted to go, but another passenger said yes they were going there so I got on. I was charged half a Sudanese pound (about £0.15 ) and was taken through areas that I vaguely recognised and areas I didn't, but was told to get off shortly after I had seen a building I had walked past on one of my early wanders. I was at the bottom of my street phew. 

I always find taking public transport very nerve racking, and worry I am going to end up somewhere miles from my destination, especially when I'm not sure they have understood where I'm going. After this little adventure, and as it's so ridiculously cheap, I will be hopping on more minibuses, although not until later in the day, when it should be a little cooler.
As you may have noticed, I do not have a picture of a minibus, but thought the boy with his horse & cart I took recently would be a good substitute.