Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A summer of hat tricks.

Detail of Colchester Castle.
This summer has been notable for it's hat tricks, the best being 3 reunions with long-lost friends. The first one I posted about here, which is where I met friends I'd gone to PCAD with. The next occurred when I went to see the Tempest at Cressing Temple Barns, and I was very happy to run into a friend I'd lost contact with. Paula & I went to school and then art college together. Over the years, despite us both moving around, we had infrequently ran into each other until around 15 years ago, when our paths stopped crossing. It is fabulous being back in contact and we've already been for a drink, had an afternoon sketching, and talked and talked and talked. Finally, today I met another school friend today who I have been in contact with, but have not physically met for about 5 years. The couple of hours over coffee flew past far too quickly and I was very sad to wave her goodbye just now. However, we talked about a revisit to Barcelona, where we went for a weekend way-back-when, next summer, which would be fabulous to do. Furthermore, if nothing else we will have a glass of wine, or two, next time I'm home.
Reunited and having a sketchday.

3 Sketch days - First, mid-August I met the talented artists Anita Davies and Joan Sandford-Cook (Anita's work is here and Joan's here) at the Five Miles Inn, in the Fens.
Beginning of September Sandra of Sandraws came up to Colchester for the day and we spent the time drinking tea, chatting, and doing a lot of sketching. The Colchester Castle pic at the top of the post was done then.
Finally, last week Paula & I spent the afternoon sketching around the Cressing Temple Barns site where her husband is the park ranger there (no sign of Yogi or Boo Boo though).
You can see the results and read about them on my other blog artofanomad.

3 Drawing classes - The drop-in life classes held in Prested Hall, Dr Sketchy's anti-artschool life drawing, and a watercolour workshop. Pictures and details also on artofanomad.

Now the biggest is I am about to start the third contract of the year in the third country this year. I am off to Qatar on Friday. inshallah
As you can see from the locator map, Qatar is back in the Middle East. It was the sensible decision as my flat and credit cards both need sorting out, but it is very difficult as my heart and soul want to be in Khartoum. Hopefully, in a year or so I can return there.

In some ways, I almost feel I could return to England to live too, I think this is due to reuniting with like-minded friends and also making new friends here. Also, because of the opportunities for art and culture but, it is soooo cold. Food for thought over the next year, I feel.

Three, two, one... Finally, this summer I've been to London 3 times, (not enough), twice to the theatre (also not enough), and one trip to Italy.