Monday, 25 October 2010

Photo diary

Life is a bit busy, so I thought a photo diary would be a good way to catch up the last few weeks. Since I last posted, I've been up north to a beach.  Yes it was empty apart from us.
Road to the beach.
I've seen a free show of Spanish folklore and flamenco dance, at the Doha National theatre.
Waiting for VIPs to arrive and the start.
Twice, I've been sketching with fellow artists, the first time as part of the WorldWide SketchCrawl, which was my fourth one.
WWSkC #29
My new class in my new location consists of just 4 men who are great to teach, and the classroom has all the modern technology needed (and a glut of white boards - what can you write on 6 boards?).
My office & classrooms are on the 2nd floor.
My classroom.
I went to 2 photo exhibitions at Katara, the cultural village, and got to see the awesome set up for the Doha Tribecca Film Festival, which opens tomorrow, and I am really excited about. The first exhibition was "Honor Kalbhi" for the Venezuelan cultural week. Then the awesome "In our time: The World as seen by Magnum photographers, 1936-1987". Check it out.
Part of the amphitheatre: 3 days before the opening.


LindyLouMac said...

Oh that beach looks simply amazing :)

omar said...

how did you find people to sketch with? I'm still looking!
A friend of mine was in Doha 2 weeks ago and he make very nice pictures of a place called Al Wakra. Suppouse to be in the outskirts of the city.
I seems that Doha is not a boring place after all. I'm happy you are enjoying yout time there and the 6 boards!

farfalle1 said...

I'm with LindyLou - take me to that beach! Is the water clean? Did you go for a swim? Are there bad critters in the water? It's so much fun to learn about a new place vicariously. Your class area looks very fahn-cy. nice.

audrey said...

That sketchcrawl looks like a lot of fun!

travelingsuep said...

Thanks all for your comments.

Omar - I left messages on social networking forum boards here. In UK in the summer I contacted people whose blogs I followed and live not too far from my parents.

LindyLou & Farfalle Yes swam twice- water as hot as a bath (it was cooler last weekend, which I must post about.) Yes the water is pollution free, except the odd plastic bag or two.

Audrey - it was. I can't wait to do it again.