Saturday, 22 March 2008

Highs and lows

Two weeks ago, with some friends, I went to the Canadian Stampede arranged by Canadians here in Oman. It is one of the BIG events on the social calendar. I'm not keen on country & western music, but I still attempted line dancing for the first time, which was an excellent laugh! I kept ending up facing the wrong direction, which I don't think is the right idea, although I wasn't alone and we all laughed at our hopelessness.

Five days later, not feeling well, I went to the doctors and got told I need surgery. It's nothing too major, just an overnight stay followed by a couple of weeks off work. It sucks in that the surgery is planned for Wednesday, the day I was supposed to be flying home on leave. I was really looking forward to seeing mum & dad, and catch up with friends. I was also supposed to spend a couple of days in Barcelona, one of my favourite cities, and so that's cancelled too. Oh well, hopefully I'll get there in the summer. Keep me in your prayers and fingers crossed all goes well on Wednesday.