Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Environmental damage

In this country is very difficult to do your bit for the environment, mainly due to the lack of household recycling. It hurts to throw all the rubbish for normal collection. I try to buy goods with as little packaging as possible, or in large sizes, which reduces packaging although it makes the shopping heavy. I also take my own shopping bags, so I don't need plastic bags, but if I overshop the bags I acquire are reused, mainly as rubbish bags. At home, I limit the use of chemicals, preferring to use white vinegar to bleach, and ecolaundry products etc. I have some (though I must get more) long-life bulbs and I try not to leave electric goods on standby or lights on. I'm sure there is more I could do, but I hope my little helps.

You can imagine my horror on Sunday when the management company of the flat subjected me to compulsory pest control. They turned up early and sprayed toxic chemicals on my bed, bedding, settee, cushions, and curtains, making the air unbreathable and me choke. They were spraying for bedbugs, and were doing every flat to stop cross-contamination. Do I can see out at the oil-field camps they have to do every room if they get an outbreak, because there are guys moving into and out of the camp all the time, so bedbugs can spread, but an apartment building? Do they think it's a brothel and everyone is bedhopping? I hope not!

But that wasn't all... late afternoon a man came and pumped evil smelling stuff in the bathroom, and kitchen to kill cockroaches, which we do have a few. I normally wash up as soon as possible. If I see a roach, I squish it, then carefully wipe it up, and use lots of vinegar in the drains. I only see an occasional one, so I guess it works. Roaches can be a big problem if left, so I can see the sense in doing the whole building. Problem was yesterday, I saw the biggest roach in my kitchen since I moved in happily wandering around the kitchen. So much for chemicals!

On a more cheerful note, last night I went to hear the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra play again. It was late 19th century Russian music, which is not my favourite classical style, although the orchestra played it well. However, as the programme stated "the finale is a jolly romp, wholly un-serious... It slithers through many extraordinary keys... but the irreverent main tune has the last laugh". Couldn't have said it better myself! ha ha Who wrote that? Actually, the last movement of the Prokofiev was quite fun, and the orchestra seemed to enjoy playing it, but I wouldn't describe it as a "jolly romp".