Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Virtual travel

More travelling both virtual, through books, and for real! Ten days after being discharged from hospital I (stupidly because it was too soon) flew to UK to be looked after by mum and dad. Due to immobility I was wheelchaired to the plane, and got the unique experience of going up in the lift (where the meals get sent up) onto the plane... Not an experience I wish to repeat as it was very wobbly and jerky and I thought the wheelchair was going to wheel itself off into space, sending me crashing onto the tarmac. Due to BA incompetence at Heathrow - not the new T5 but at T4- I was made to walk down the stairs so didn't have to. When I return to Muscat tomorrow I shall limp slowly on and off board ;) It will be nice to get back to the warmth, but I'm not looking forward to being back in Muscat. It's a lovely place, but I guess I'll soon be ready to leave.

Onto the virtual travelling, I read Carol Drinkwater's The Olive Farm, which is a true account of her buying and restoring a house in southern France. I followed this with a trip over the water and an easy read set in America's Shenandoah. It brought back fabulous memories of driving through that region one autumn. It also made me miss the friend I travelled with, along with the beautiful scenery. Next, and the book I've just sarted, off to Lapland brrrr. Not got an opinion on it yet as only read a few pages.

That's it for now, I'll let you know how the flight goes and my latest plans chiao - that's a hint ;)