Saturday, 18 October 2008

Party central

There goes another month. It's been a very mixed time ending with a fab night on Thursday when I hosted J's birthday bash.
The pic above was taken in our lounge where the band Sporca Gush played 3 awesome sets and got guests dancing. The first guests walked in as the caterers were setting up at 8pm, followed swiftly by many more, and the last left around 3am. In between vast amounts of alcohol were drunk, curry was eaten, people chatted on the terrace or at the bar, some danced, and generally all had a good time. There were surprisingly few casualties - one glass, a pot on the terrace, my aloe lost a few fronds, missing keys for the outside bar fridge, and Mark who collapsed in the lounge oops. I would have liked shares in Panadol yesterday morning!

A highlight of Ramadan was a camel race night at a local golf club - not real camels as you can see from the pic below. The race was run after the camels were auctioned off and bets placed. The camels were then moved depending on the throw of 2 dice (1st determined camel to move and 2nd for number of moves). It was a really fun evening and not too much money was lost. Finally, I took a short afternoon boat trip with a friend and her visitor. Considering it should be getting cooler, the clock in Mutrah was showing 40c at 2pm. The sea did feel cooler than the other month, but it didn't stop Ale, Guilo & I still spending over 30 mins in the sea bobbing around on noodles.What a hard life we lead here.

Hopefully, by next time I post I can write that the purchase of my flat in Italy has completed, but I'm not holding my breath. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Sx