Friday, 28 August 2009

Gratitude Friday 1

I'm grateful to Diana over at Creative Structures for coming up with this idea. I came across it last Saturday, when I was having a personal day because life feels so difficult at the moment. Diana's post gave me some much needed perspective and I decided to join in on this great idea. I tried to be grateful earlier this year, but I think this weekly idea is a lot better than a one off thing.

So, this Friday I am grateful for several things and it is difficult to know which to start with, but maybe one of my first loves, which I have just been reminded of by the current exhibition of Rembrandt here in Muscat, art.

Since I was young I have had the ability to draw and I am very grateful for the talent I have been given. However, more than my talent I am thankful for the great art that is in the world, and that my mum and dad helped me appreciate it. They frequently took the time to take me to galleries and exhibitions in order to view great and sometimes not so great art. They took the time to really show me the art, and tell me what they knew about the artists, but left me to decide what I like. Finally, they supported my wish to go to art college - at the other end of the country - and all the anguish which ensued. I don't think I ever really thanked them, so here is a very big thank you mum & dad.

Art, in all its forms from a drawing to a piece of ceramic, is a wonderful thing in our lives. It can add beauty, provide inspiration, make us think, provide peace, and give a sense of wonder, so I think it is a great thing to remember, to be grateful for, and a perfect start for my gratitude Friday posts.