Friday, 13 November 2009

Gratitude Friday 11

Today I am grateful for a lovely day. The weather here in Muscat now is perfect. I started the day having a cuppa with the lounge door wide open as it is finally cool enough to turn off the ac.
After breakfast I went to see the ongoing competition to paint His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. A friend, the artist Jenni Eden, (check out her site here) is competing and her unfinished work is already outstanding - it caught my eye before I even knew it was hers. 

From there I went to the marina, and the kind security guards let me onto the pontoons when I asked to draw there. It was very warm in the sheltered spot I was sat in! I loved the detail on the stern of this dhow so much that I had to draw it. Most of the wobbly lines were caused by the pontoon I was sitting on moving as boats went by, causing my hand to jump. Then it was time for lunch, and I had a lovely chatty lunch with my friend Mark as we planned our SketchCrawl for next Friday. All to soon it was over and time to head home. Such a lovely day, I am so grateful for days like this.

btw I notice my art is now creeping over onto this blog. If you interested in seeing where it should be and more of my art please check out my art blog at artofanomad