Friday, 6 November 2009

Gratitude Friday - hearing

Young boys, originally uploaded by travelingsuep.
What a different world I would live in if I couldn't hear. Yesterday, I went to the camel races in Saham and without the sense of hearing it would have been a very different experience. Carrying a DSLR, I think some people thought I was press and consequently, people, such as these 3 boys, asked to have their photo taken. My pleasure! I'm so pleased I could hear their request.

In the course of a couple of hours, several of the lovely friendly people of Saham came up to say hi and just to chat, or have their picture taken. I had a very interesting chat with the vet who was conducting blood tests on the winning camels - who'd have thought it? I guess if they dope racehorses, why not camels?

As well as hearing giving me the ability to talk to people, I could hear the commentary of the races and the hypnotic Omani chanting in between them. It was a fabulous morning, but so easy to forget our experiences are not just visual.

I am so thankful I can hear and must remember that when I am home. How awful it must be when that ability starts to fail or get distorted.