Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Cultural outings

When I came back from Europe last Sept. the thing that I missed most, whilst here in Oman, was the culture, as in theatre, art galleries etc. Or, frustratingly, if anything is going on you read about it after the event, which isn't a lot of good. However, this year I'm doing much better at finding out about things in time to see them. I've already mentioned that at the beginning of February I went to the Muscat festival, though I didn't see any shows. The following weekend I went to an opening of a photographic exhibition by Anna Mair, which was very interesting - macro photos of flowers that were very abstract with very intense colours. Last weekend, I went to a local gallery to catch their latest exhibition: a British artist George Lewis who creates photo/oil fusion pics of Oman. I'd have bought one, but they were all very, very expensive. An Omani lady was also exhibiting, whose work I wasn't so keen on. In the normal gallery was a collection of prints by a Dutch artist, who I've admired for the last couple of years, so I spent my allowance on a pastel of Omani dancers. Finally, last night I went to listen to the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra, which was fabulous. Next week another opening.