Friday, 8 May 2009

Muscat musings

Wow it's been ages since I last wrote, I have no idea where the time has gone. So here's a quick update of what's been going on, if I can remember...

I went to UK for Easter week as my new college had a holiday. It was a relief to see dad so well, with little after effects of the strokes. He is so lucky. He told me by phone yesterday that he know longer needs to see the consultant, so it really is good news. It was nice being back in the UK and seeing the spring flowers and to experience nice spring weather, complete with showers. I spent most of the week doing nothing, I think as a result of the stressful 3 months preceding it. However, I did see Carole, who I miss a lot, and is always the first person I catch up with.

Returning from UK I was expecting to have a firm offer for a training job here in Muscat, I was supposed to receive details by 15th. But despite calling, sending emails and sms the company never got back to me... not even after I spoke to the GM who said he was in a meeting and would call me back, but never called. How rude is that? If they had decided not to recruit anyone, or not to recruit me, that would've been fine as long as they had told me. Ok rant over.

What else? Went to a conference with my colleagues on EFL teaching, which was very inspiring. Unfortunately not to teach, but to start studying again myself as I got several ideas for my PhD topic, however as I have a mortgage and renovations to do to flat I guess I can't afford it. Although maybe I could do a diploma or something?

I've done a few cultural things including 2 exhibitions currently running here in Muscat, however was unable to see a touring exhibition from Dubai that included a Picasso as it was only on for 2 days mid-week and I couldn't get there due to work. Yesterday, I saw the exhibition I:Woman and a friend of mine, Ahmed al-Shukaili, had some of his photos exhibited. Some friends and I went to the newly renovated Al Bustan Palace to listen to the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra play a Spanish inspired musical programme. The orchestra has improved a great deal, and it was a real pleasure to hear them. Afterwards we went to the beach bar to chill out and chat under in th moonlight.

Finally, I stopped drinking before flying to UK as I've been feeling so lousy (non-specific blahness) to see if my health improved. After four weeks abstinence from alcohol, I wasn't feeling any better so I shared a bottle of very nice Prosecco with good friends, had a nice meal and helped a friend celebrate her completion of her master's. Then, I felt better! As another friend had suggested, it's the first drink which makes you feel healthier :D