Friday, 14 May 2010

Gratitude Friday - fabulous trainees

My first two groups of Sudanese trainees finished their 8 week courses yesterday. It was a bitter-sweet time as they are all lovely people and I will miss them next week. It was sweet in that I have seen great improvement with some of them and feel I have been of help. Some of them I will see again as they have become friends, others I will see as there is to be a group outing next week, whilst others are in the same building, so I will still run into them.

Very embarrassingly both groups gave me gifts, and I was overwhelmed by the morning groups generosity.

Top: The gifts waiting to be opened. The statue, elephant and necklace are from the afternoon group.
Middle: receiving gifts from Fawzia after Sami's speech.
Bottom: Unwrapped (and discarded paper)

Again, I am thankful for the opportunity that brought me to this lovely country with such fantastic people.