Saturday, 22 May 2010

I'm in love...

... with Sudan, the Sudanese people and specifically my new friends.

Today, after procrastinating all weekend I forced myself out of the hotel and onto a local bus. I'd found out where I had to get off, but once downtown I was a bit misplaced. Despite that, over several texts and calls I reassured my Sudanese friends I was okay, at least I thought I had. It was really interesting wandering around downtown and I must return soon, earlier in the day, to take some photos. Finally, I arrived at my destination of the National museum, where I had planned to do some sketching of the pharaonic exhibits, seen previously  when  I went a couple of weekends ago. I did a warm-up sketch of an Egyptian pharaoh and had just started a 2nd sketch when my phone started going again - asking where am I etc. Shortly after two cars came to rescue me from the heat, and I guess myself. Both friends were very worried about me and had come to check I was okay and offer lifts home. I'm very sorry I worried them, but very, very flattered they care so much to come and check on me.  I went back into the museum to do a few more sketches. After drawing inside the museum, I went outside and did a quick painting of the statue. It was so hot I could hear the voices of my Sudanese friends in my head telling me not to be so stupid. In my defense I was sat in the shade of a tree. However, as I believe it was around 44c both the voices and my friends were probably right.

Last Saturday, the same friends, took me out sightseeing for the morning. I was picked up at 9am and the first stop was for breakfast of fried Nile fish and bread. Yum. Same place as I went on the kidnap. Then, we went to the Khalifa's house in Omdurman, which was really interesting, but frightfully hot. After the Khalifa's house we went and had tea served under Tutti bridge sitting on little stools on the bank of the Nile. Very cool views and breeze. I think I'm about done on Khartoum sightseeing for now, although I'd like to find the camel market one morning.