Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Paddling in the Nile

Paddling in the Nile, originally uploaded by travelingsuep.

This Saturday was a bit overcast and very humid after the storm, but I had a fabulous day out. I was picked up early by friends, then after another fabulous fish breakfast we went to Tutti island. There, the guys hired a boat to take us upriver to the Nile confluence. I think we were on the Nile about an hour. From the river you can see the difference in colour between the White & Blue Niles. On the way back we had a short delay when the propeller got entangled in a fishing net. which meant we got longer on the river and could take advantage of the breeze. Following a cup of chai from a Nile-side tea lady we drove to the otherside of the island to the "beach". People, including myself and my friends, paddled in the Nile, sat on the sand, and generally enjoyed the afternoon. It was all very relaxing, gentle and fantastic. I did the sketch above whilst the guys were praying and then added colour back at the hotel.

I am so happy here and so grateful that I was given the opportunity to come to Sudan that I don't know whether to thank God, Allah, or just good fortune that I am here. Maybe I have finally found the place I can be happy?