Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Countdown, Salsa, & passion.

I came home from my salsa class on Sunday and for the first time on facebook put my status as the time until I leave Oman. I wrote "9 more salsa classes 'til I leave :((", which shows how much I am enjoying my lessons, but it's mainly due to the people I am dancing with. Then last night I went to one of the salsa groups social nights, and telling a new salsera friend I will miss all this, and she asked can I stay. Well, apart from being homeless at the end of the year (I've given notice on the flat), I have sold some of my furniture, and I've resigned, I could stay, But... I do need to go back to Europe, at least for a while, and if I end up missing Muscat, well I can always come back in a year or so. It's funny about the salsa though, I have known the basic steps for years, but the more classes I go to, the worse my dancing is getting. I think it is because I now know what I should be doing, and rather than just dancing I'm thinking. Even G&T didn't help last night, as I couldn't even do a basic mambo in time. But hey, my Bachata, which I love, and Merengue were good. The week before, at the group's Eid party, which is where the pic is from, I danced better, so maybe I can blame the G&T for not working as well as red wine?

As my countdown was tied to the salsa, is that the passion in my life? NO. It's my rediscovery of art, specifically drawing. Whilst out last night, watching the others dance, I kept thinking about how to capture the movement of the dance, the lines the women were making were tantalising. Maybe next week I will hide in a corner and try to capture it? When I was in Istanbul last year, I did several sketches of the Whirling Dervish (left), but took far more photos. Keep an eye on my art blog for dancing pics in the coming weeks.

Finally, I will finish today on a sad note, my uncle, Jack Farthing, died last week. Although I haven't seen him often in the last few years, I will really miss him. His Sunday lunch arguments with dad, or as they said debates, will always bring fond memories, along with many other memories of him I have. May he rest in peace.