Friday, 11 September 2009

Gratitude Friday: 3

Today it is easy to know what to be grateful for... all the lovely people who are in my life. Whether they are transitory friends (those whom when we move on we will not keep in touch with). new friends, cyberbuddies, or old friends. Everyone is important in their own right and for what they bring to my life.

It is amazing the diversity of people and how we can interact. Last night, I was with friends whose occupations ranged from harp-player, through to people in the oil industry. There was a lawyer, a dive instructor, teachers, and a friend who is something in civil aviation. Despite all this disparity of vocation, it was a lovely evening, full of interesting conversation and debate, and I am so thankful that these people are part of my life. Moreover, I am also thankful for my friends at home, or in other parts of the world who I see/contact all-to-rarely, but who are also an important to me.