Friday, 18 September 2009

Gratitude Friday: 4

I was struggling this morning to choose what to be thankful for. I had a look at Diana's post over at Creative Structures and realised that life is getting better for me at the moment, so instead of struggling to see the good things in life, I have the enviable problem of which good thing to choose.

Four weeks ago, my first gratitude Friday was about art, since then I have rediscovered my love of art and my neglected talent. So my first thanks, is for Diiana for making me think about what I was grateful for. From that first post I have started a second blog Art of a Nomad, which is purely for art.

My second thanks today is for the internet, which may seem strange, so let me explain. With my art, because I draw what I see I have always had a problem with inspiration. Now, thanks to the internet enabling people to set up sites, I have ideas bursting out of my head. I have joined several art sites that give weekly themes to illustrate (incl. Monday ArtDay and Illustration Friday) and the fabulous Urban Sketchers, who encourage artists to go out and draw the cities/towns around them. Yesterday, as I was driving around Muscat, I was mentally thinking "I could draw that"... "Oh that would be interesting to sketch", and on it went all day. Actually, the thanks is for the wonderful people who set up these sites.

My final thanks is to the wonderful cyberpeps and friends who have taken the time to look at my work this month and leave comments, both complimentary and constructive. Above all else, this has been the biggest encouragement to continue drawing and to them I am very, very grateful.

Why the photo of goats? I was determined to post a sketch to Urban Sketchers, so went out drawing yesterday. The goats were so amusing that I drew them rather than the beautiful fishing village they inhabit. The results are here.